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        This year's transfer window is the heaviest thing that Messi wants to leave Barca, but in the end he failed to do so. There are not many other big deals. However, it is a heavy blow for Chelsea to bring in hafts. After the blue team has included the strong player, the team's recruitment this summer has been basically in place, and more expectations are expected in the new season. At present, the youth storm in the football world is indeed favored by all kinds of people. After all, the rise of new players is more possible. Under such circumstances, some veteran players also hope to open a new era at the end of their career, and there will be more expectations in another place. This is the main reason why Ronaldo and Messi hope to leave the team and go to a new team.

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        The last trading day before the festival was up, and it was down for six trading days. I mentioned the fluctuation rhythm of five to six days before the festival. At present, the market has not yet jumped out of this rhythm. But the longer the duration of this wave rhythm (starting from February 28), the closer it will be to the end of this wave rhythm. You can focus on this wave of rebound. I think the probability of ending in this wave of rebound is very large. If it only rebounds for less than two or three days and then goes down again, it can be judged that the fluctuation rhythm of this time is over. If the rebound lasts for more than 6 days, it can also be judged that the fluctuation rhythm of this time is over.



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        This summer's first warm-up game of 1-1 Brighton, new recruit Werner broke the deadlock in the first four minutes, at that time, people thought that the game might be a big win, but unfortunately, the blues failed to expand the score, and the young player gave a penalty at the end of the game to lead to a draw. The first warm-up game left some regrets, but this is harmless. After all, the warm-up game is mainly to run in the team and let the players gradually adjust their state.

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